Control your Anxiety, Take charge of your Career

The Problem

Are you always looking over your shoulder wondering when you will get found out? When the inevitable tap on the back will come, and the jig will be up, the deception over. How have you lasted this long anyway? You’re just a fraud.

Do you see every email from your boss as a potential threat? Or are you constantly in colleague’s heads, figuring out what they are thinking about you? Actually, I’d imagine you don’t spend too much time wondering what they are thinking. You already know what they are thinking, right? They think you are incompetent, useless, weak, lazy, [insert worst fear here].

Do you find yourself up late at night, so the morning doesn’t come as quickly? Or do you avoid what you fear with TV, YouTube, video games, internet, drinking, thinking…whatever your distraction is? Are you always tired in work?

You may be fine when you are busy, but what about when things are slow. Do you feel like you need to be justifying your existence all the time? What have you done today to earn your place?

The Solution

If this sounds like you, I can help you think differently about yourself, the people you work with, and the work environment. You will be able to start making changes that maybe you haven’t been able to be make before. Together we will discover why you are taking the action you are, what’s going on in your brain, and how that’s creating an emotion that’s driving that action. Whether it’s General Anxiety, Social Anxiety, or Panic, I will teach you how to manage your mind, so you can manage your anxiety. Once you have your anxiety under control, you can focus your attention on the important things in your professional life.

What to do next

So, if you’re tired of having anxious thoughts rule your life, and would like to schedule a session, contact me by phone on 087 634 3647, or by email @ , and let’s get your anxiety under control.

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